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I've met loads a really nice ppl on here and still chat 2 them now!

Wheres a good place to chat, where I can upload my pictures and have some interesting people to talk to?

Since you're here on Yahoo answers then I guess you are obviously at least 13 ;) For a complete review of Oohya, read this And on my mac it doesnt access the yahoo chat rooms.

You can just come on here when ever your bored n chat 2 whoever! :) i've been using teen chat since i was 12 and its soo cool, I've met so many neat people from all over, and just recently i met my gurl :) i love her so much, and I'm glad teen chat brought us together, thanks Dan!

It's a fun site to meet new people and to realize that there are people all over the world that u can have a convo with besides the boring old people who live close by. I use the same name everytime i go into a chat room, so if you see the screen name Punkprincess27 it could be me! i recommend this free chat site to all my buds and this is there 1st choice as well as mine!