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En el 2008 interpretó a la brillante y decidida estudiante Kirsten Mulroney en la serie dramática Out of the Blue.

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Sun, sand and the Summer Bay Surf club; a perfect backdrop for many a hook-up between beachside characters.

Throw a bunch of teens into high school uniforms and end of year socials and there’s bound to be some rampant hormones.

En el 2000 regresó a Australia y asistió a The Pittwater House Schools por las playas del Norte de Sídney.

Actulmente asiste a Canberra Girls' Grammar School (CGGS).

Nació en Adelaide, pero creció en Singapur, Fiyi e Indonesia.


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    Here, at the Cortez Mine, in Nevada, high-tech prospectors are moving mountains, closing in from above and below. Which raises a question: if the gold is invisible to the naked eye, how do they even know if they're digging in the right place? Eight bars, million, sitting on this unassuming little table. Of all the elements that touch our lives, nothing drives humankind to acts of love or destruction like gold. Copper alone is impressive stuff, but when ancient metallurgists combined it with another element, they invented a much tougher material that went on to conquer the world. Tin; symbol Sn; atomic number 50—50 protons and 50 electrons.