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For starters, Mimi Faust’s love life is the topic of conversation again as a press release for the new reason reveals that she is in a new relationship.And while her BFF Ariane is all for it, the question of whether Faust can keep it together is raised.

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And it’s safe to say lots has happened for the cast since the last time the cameras stopped filming for the VH1 show.

Bambi & Jessica Dime Go At It, Is Lil Scrappy Playing Both Of Them?

But now that her own career is booming with her latest boutique opening, the report reveals she has a struggle balancing it all.

And Jessica Dime is with her every step of the way.

I’ve been in a relationship so if I wanted to highlight the ups and downs of that initially coming in, that’s definitely something that could have been done. I wanted to introduce them to me first, who I am and clarify a lot of the misconceptions about me. “When people get married in general, much less for TV, they need to really know their relationship is 100% solid and not get caught in the hoopla,” she says. I’m considering doing a big roll out to the wedding and doing a really big televised wedding. I didn’t feel anything for him at all because he’s not someone I respect or like.