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Renowned for their acting abilities, celebrated for their beauty, sometimes we forget that celebrities started from the ‘bottom’ before they got ‘here’ where we on the ground watch them and adore as if they too don’t share the common problems we do and did. My mother did not put chemicals in my hair until I was, I think 11. But when I was a little kid my hair was v short and natural, and when I was a toddler she just kept it v short and well moisturized. Then when I got to Elementary school I had enough hair to have pigtails.

If there were more people it would be like , and it was the first time that she’d worn her natural hair, and she wore that phenomenal green gown, her body was tight and ridiculous (her body is ridiculous)…

Which is why ‘For Colored Girls‘ was a revelation – because a lot of us got to meet, hang out and actually work TOGETHER. I remember arriving in the make up trailer on my first day, and there was a hallowed atmosphere because magic was happening on set. In 2013 we got to play sisters in ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ – (being released this Spring). But your parents have done your hair all nice, so you end up in your picture with a little bit of ‘puh’ (she imitates a rogue bit of hair stuck out at the front). So you would do it just cause the teachers were like “make your hair look nice”. The teacher’s handed you a comb, you’re 6, you’re gonna try and like… I went into school proud, happy; Mum was totally psyched that she’d got this good ‘do’ going.

It’s a weird thing for actresses of colour – always competing for the handful of good roles. She was also a wonderful comrade – and we made each other laugh like witches. She’s smart and funny – with one eyebrow raised at the world. But would it be the teachers trying to make your hair look nice, or would they just give it to you? They’d figure that they weren’t gonna make ‘our’ hair look nice with that thing so they would hand it to us, but we’re little kids – we don’t know any better, (so) we’re trying to comb it out. So she did maybe 6 cornrows on either side with little green wooden beads on the end – so cute – and the green beads were bought to match my green uniform.

I’ll wash and braid it once a week – but whenever they want to free their ‘curly cushion’ – they can. TN: So what, in response we go through agony to glue our hair DOWN – DOWN and AWAY. TN: I love that their hair is communing with the atmosphere all the time – it’s like antennae out into the world. Americans, particularly Black American women went IN on that girl’s hair. TN: It was away from her friggin’ line of fire so she could win the gold!!!


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