cammand line for updating time - Vba screen updating false

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Pupose: to present the client with a neat final appearance. There is an Unselect according to MS, but it doesn't seem to do anything. This code places the cursor off screen and then scrolls the sheet back up to view If you are really wanting 'nothing selected`, you can use VBA to protect the sheet at the end of your code execution, which will cause nothing to be selected.

However, I *can* change the Screen Updating from the immediate window. Screen Updating = False b Global Change Event = True Application. About to go home for the day, but I plan on trying to print Application. So while Screen Updating always is True in debug mode, this is not the issue for me.

Sub load Portfolio() Dim i Test As Integer, portfolio Version As String Application. :-) Basically, after all those statements (and between each one) Screen Updating remains "True". Screen Updating = False For i = 1 To 10000 Worksheets("Sheet1"). Screenupdating = False worked perfectly in Excel 2007 until last week, when it remained True however many times I tried to set it to False.

You can either add this to a macro or put it into your VBA directly.

Depending on the size of your selection, to get rid of any artifacting (I don't know if this is also an issue in 2013 Excel, but on Mac it was a constant pain for me) you can just loop through cell by cell and select each.


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