Updating wm5

updating wm5-8

Thanks Hi there, For all those people stuck with the UK Orange version of WM5 (your can't upgrade to WM6 on the Samsung site if you are on UK Orange), there is finally a solution. ), and a flash file on Do Ca Mo, I've managed to get a simple guide to WM6 upgrading without having to change languages etc.

I was getting a bit wary of Samsung for not releasing the WM6 update as promised and removing some countries from the download site. iv got all the required software from the samsung and microsoft sites, but how on earth does one "flash" a handset..

hi there guys, iv been trying to get the wm6 upgrade going but had a few glitches..

So we need to pull a few tricks to fulfill the prerequisites for the installation. The "Standard" version of Windows Mobile (5 and 6) has the benefit that it is small enough to fit all languages into one set of ROMs. The loader does a full backup/restore cycle without intervention. Thank You very Much is it possible to downgrade from WM6 to WM5?

That's how it would work, if the Samsung installer would just upgrade the phone instead of checking the previously installed version and the country the device was preset for. The Black Berry will retains all data and setting through the upgrade. I cannot get the phone to flash with i600as i can only change to these countries South Africa Tunisia Nigeria Default my version is i600jcge1 Please can you send me a step by step detailed instructions and links for all the files I need.