Updating fedora 9 to 10

We are in the process of creating a fresh Fedora 22 Workstation and Server installation articles, will soon post it for you.

Fed Up is capable of managing Fedora upgrades via a network repository or a DVD image as the upgrade package source.

Important: Make sure you must have Fed Up package installed on the Fedora distribution that you going to upgrade.

Alternatively, you may update a Fedora Install to latest version quickly, if you have the ISO of latest release of Fedora 22.

[Follow these instructions only if you’re planning to upgrade Fedora using DVD ISO image or skip to step #6 directly…] Before you continue to use Fedora 22 ISO to update your Fedora Install, check Hash of Fedora 22 with the one provided by Fedora Project on official page, as wrong/corrupted ISO may break your System.

Fedora 11 can be directly upgraded over the Internet using the various methods available.


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