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Richmond Hill is one of Canada's fastest growing communities.

During the journey to her friend's house, Liz comments about her relationship with Alonzo and how he was a jealous boyfriend that abused her, to the point of him beating up her stepbrother, just because he gave her a hug.

After taking her to her friend's, she thanks Franklin and gives him her phone number, asking him to call her some time.

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When Franklin compliments Liz's attractive appearance, Alonzo will get out from the car and pull Franklin out of the car to fight him, enraged at his comments to her.

Right when Alonzo gets dealt with, Liz will ask Franklin to take her to her friend's apartment on the corner of Strawberry Avenue and Carson Avenue, glad that Alonzo finally got his comeuppance.

It is apparent that Alonzo treats her badly, forcing her to do housework and abusing her verbally and physically.

Liz owns a black Bravado Gauntlet with a modified number plate reading "SNAKEYES".