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"They can also help you create the mental space for inspiration.If your creative process has to do with understanding and communicating with people, the meditations are geared to help you put yourself in another person's shoes and really try to imagine their experience." Singer k.d.There is an audience well beyond the educational realm for the app, according to Price, who believes meditation is beneficial for anyone who works in a creative field.

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"The app gives you the option to check-in with how you are doing, mentally and physically, and then presents a list of meditations tailored specifically to you," Price says, noting, "The check-in process is a simple way to quiet down, be still and figure out what’s going on inside.

Then the recommended meditations are meant to be a support, to help you deal with whatever is going on.

lang, who volunteered at a Tools for Peace summer camp and supports the organization's mission, swears by meditation. Create that "it opens us up to explore thoughts and ideas that the internal editor might otherwise shut down." Creative people ranging from Russell Simmons to Ariana Huffington have also extolled the virtues of meditation, and a few years ago filmmaker David Lynch wrote Meanwhile, a study conducted in 2012 by researchers from Leiden University in the Netherlands showed that certain styles of meditation do indeed foster creative thinking.

Have any of you seen creative benefits from meditation?

For more than a decade, Tools for Peace has been working with people of all ages—primarily students—to encourage them to exhibit kindness and compassion in their daily lives.


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