Sean paul dating jodi stewart

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"As far as I am concerned, the matter has been dealt with."Stewart Henriques has since posted another message on Facebook, apologising for "highly inappropriate" comments made about Bolt."My intention was never to degrade or disrespect anyone but without realising, I did," she wrote.

"I allowed pent up frustration to get the better of me and did not conduct myself in a respectful manner.

Jodi, who is more popularly known as Jinx, blasted the Olympian on social media, for the bike riders in the area who she said were inconsiderate, and placed the blame on Bolt and his brother.

Also in the online rant she also went on to say that she “can’t blame the set of uptown that have him as poppy show in parties or on their boat.

The couple recently broke the news on social media with the TV host showing off her growing baby bump. LEAD SINGER ARRIVING FEBRUARY 2017 #THEHENRIQUES’ #duttyyute #madpeopletingdeyshouldkno,” SP wrote on IG along with the baby emoji.