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Having a baby is not a running handbrake LZ: I pretty much did Brad.

If somebody has to look at you and doesn’t know you, they would go: there is no way’s that she had a baby eight months ago.

BB: Letshego, it’s incredible, I just think of what you’ve been through in the last two years and what you’re up to right now.

Transcription: Brad Brown: Welcome onto this edition of Old Mutual Live, it’s good to have you with us and I am so excited to have our next guest on the show today.

Funnily enough, I chat to her hubby all the time in my day job around sport, he’s one of South Africa’s top rally drivers.

LZ: Yes, that’s exactly what I’m working on currently. I thought, you know what, let’s change the scenery a bit after the ultra and train for the half Ironman in June.

BB: It’s incredible Letshego because you’ve always been pretty active and I know the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon is something that’s very close to your heart.