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(Apparently Hershey already stopped sponsoring it). I was sort of on the fence the first time we looked at this show, but I've now decided that it is a complete piece of garbage. Her mother has sex with her new boyfriend for the first time... Of course, Amy is pissed at her mom for getting pregnant, because she's a big stupid hypocrite. And I don't mean that sex can transmit HIV or other STDs that can kill you... "Good girl" Grace has sex for the first time and her dad dies in a plane crash. No one on that damn show can have sex without being instantly punished. (Not that pregnancy is a punishment per se, but on this show they certainly portray it as such).

I agree with the OMM that the show sucks, but again we really disagree on the WHY. Amy's mom has sex with her new boyfriend: She gets pregnant!

I generally hate child actors, but this is pretty cute.

(If you can’t view the embedded video, click here.) And for those of you who missed it, she also had a pretty awesome Op-Ed in the Washington Post on Barbie’s 50th birthday.

(Yeah, I’ll admit it; that’s how I played with my Barbie, too.) I so cannot wait to see Sarah at WAM!

"A New York State appellate court on October 21 struck down a lower court requirement that transgender people seeking to change their names provide medical evidence of their need for the name change.

The Black Keys are a blues-rock duo from Akron Ohio.