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So basically you make the same whether you join with or with out a referral.

If you are interested in becoming an agent you can sign up here luck and happy camming!

I'm a model with internet modeling and my sister is the agent who referred me.

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My first week I spent the most time on learning how the sites work.

I made about $100 and each week the payout has been higher as I've gained a few fans and regulars.

But it's like number never gets over 100 and I stopped getting higher earnings.

One moment my model just vanished and they didn't know what is going on.

I cannot see my accepted models or training one, like I said the more models i send them the less I earn, It was good before but now for 100 models I earn $40 a week. They are the worst their payout is actually more like 10% even though they tell you it's 30 or 40 they are liars Janet Ross is terrible.