Restraining order ontario dating

Understanding the difference may help you decide which order is most appropriate for you.

The purpose of the pamphlet is to explain the criteria for getting a peace bond or a restraining order, the difference between them, how you can apply for one, the conditions the court may impose on the other person to protect you, and the consequences of disobeying the order.

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These documents will require the defendant to appear in Court on a specific date. When the defendant goes to Court he or she can agree to sign the peace bond voluntarily. Court officials will notify you that the peace bond has been issued.

What if the defendant will not agree to sign the peace bond?

The other person could be anyone - a neighbour, an acquaintance or a family member.

The peace bond is an order from the court, or an agreement that a person makes with the court, “to keep the peace and be of good behaviour”. You must have a good reason to believe that you or your children might be harmed, or your property damaged.

If the defendant will not agree to be bound by a peace bond, the judge must hold a hearing to decide whether to make an order for the peace bond.