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After graduation, she wanted to continue acting, but Hollywood is a tough town to break into, so Renée decided to stay in Texas, and auditioned for roles around Houston, where she managed to grab roles in such films as Reality Bites and Empire Records.

While on the set for the sequel, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation, she befriended Matthew Mc Conaughey, another Hollywood up-and-comer.

The new couple also held hands as they strolled through the airport wearing casual jeans and sunglasses.

And while the romance is new, their friendship is not.

He was working on a project at the time that Renée was interested in, auditioned for, and won the role in the film Love and a .45, which earned her enough critical praise that she decided to move to Los Angeles.

Renée got interested in acting in high school while working on the drama club.

She also took an acting class at the University of Texas (Austin), where she began looking towards acting as a career.