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In addition to this page, the site includes numerous other research items. Anglicized and Germanic pronunciations of company names Identifying West German Pottery This page includes bottoms, marks, and some information about companies and tendencies.As mentioned above Poole invariably carries at least a factory mark and this will always be the surest way to identify a pot.

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(There are forums with more pics and such, but the forum design doesn't make research easy.) If you have questions about an item you own, I'm happy to help, but please take the time to check out the site first to make sure the information isn't already waiting.

The jam pot below (Jacobean Scroll pattern) has quite Poole-like, cogwheel markings around the rim. The radio telescope at Jodrell Bank, an icon of 1950's space exploration and science, would have made a perfect subject alongside the modern cathedrals and other souvenir plates that Poole produced.

As it is this plate is made by "Guild Crafts (Poole) Ltd.", a company that I think traded in Torquay until 1987, and who's plates come up fairly regularly on the Poole Pottery listing on ebay.

For example, the three pots below can be identified from their bases as WK pattern, shape number is unclear but its 288, painted by # (Winifred Rose), V pattern, shape 354, with decorator Poole Pottery can be dated by looking both at the factory mark at the base, as this changed over time, as well as looking at the monogram used by the individual decorator, for whom there are records of when they worked at the factory.

With Delphis ware, the earlier pieces (pre-1971), display a wider range and more experimental use of glazes, in 1971 the number of glazes used was reduced, by and large, to just four (red, orange yellow, green).