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Whats Your offers the “generous” opportunity to go on dates with the “attractive” — for a price.

One participant “winks” at another, the winkee pitches a price, the two bid, and for the right price, these typically 30- to 50-year-old men take out attractive, younger women.

The generous — who may be male or female, but are typically male — pay to participate in the entire process, including emailing the (generally female) attractives to set up dates.

Price per month: £44.95 per month or £11.95 per month for a 12 month membership Website: members: 475,000 Top features: Personality profile based on the ''Big Five'' personality models - gender, age, residence, profession and level of education to help create long term relationships.

Price per month: £79.95 a month or £19.95 a month when you subscribe for 12 months Website: UK members: 370,000 Top features:'s behavioural recommendation engine assesses your search history, like page views, winks and favourites to help you find what you're actually looking for - and not what you say you're looking for.


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    allows you to watch up to four live sex cams at the same time, and see who is watching your live webcam.

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    Slowly I began to focus solely on the non verbal communication of the encounter. Even when you’re dealing with a girl you can communicate perfectly clearly with, non verbal communication plays a crucial role.

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