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You can travel into the mysterious lands of the east, the vibrant continent of South America, or the mysterious realms of Africa. If you keep an eye on the news, the recent rise in nationalistic sentiment in the US, Europe and elsewhere can’t have escaped your notice.

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It’s a simple way of pointing out there are both positive and negative ways to motivate someone. There are positive and negative ways to motivate students.

Here are three techniques for motivating students in the right way, no vinegar in sight. If you have done any amount of research into today’s ESL job market, no doubt you have seen positions advertised all over the world.

Open a bottle of something (if you like) and find old lesson plans and, even better, old recordings of your first ESL lessons.

I tried this a few weeks ago (including opening the bottle of something) and I soon felt the need to pass on what I discovered. You’ve hear the proverb you get more bees with honey than vinegar, haven’t you?

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