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but, since they have a son together it's hard not to talk or see her. And yes, the easy access and increasing involvement in it is really spreading and people are involved in all walks of life who you would never imagine. One of the various things that makes it a big problem is that many who never would really be doing this, catch wind of it, by often just checking out what's going on, and the next thing you know..are hooked. There is lots of information on this topic as you know science-medical world is also researching "everything." You can search many key words online and read alot.

Yes it can because new stimuli that is of any interest or any kind of excitement, such as even "attention" actually is related to brain chemicals elevating, and this contributes to the 'high' that contributes to continual exposure and addiction.

but, guess what he's not calling or talking to his son either. You know how the "high" of drugs or even new people, new excitement, attention, etc, addicting?

My husband is flirting through text with several women. How do you trust a person in this day and age of electronics and easy access? Because I'm always afraid that, if I do this sort of thing, some married guy might freak out and literally pursue me, I tend to avoid "sexting" with married men. God made your union as one flesh, Not one plus( sexting etc). I think a lot of times, guys and gals will seek the attention of someone else (text or maybe p0rn) because the relationship they are in at that point has lost some of the excitment, it may have fallen into a routine.

I'm not a guy but I know many married guys who "sext" online with women. Men are hunters by nature, and there is a lot of ***** online and a lot of single and married women who like to give men a thrill by talking sexy online. If he does it again post stopping, you have to have consequences for his behavior that is already having emotional consequences for you. Take your emotion out and tackle the problem head on for exactly what it is. I love my hubby alot and he says he loves me too,and yes the way he behaves with me is loving n caring but recently i had gone to my moms place for a month and during that time he used to sex chat with someone but now he doesn't And i found out that even after our marriage he used to talk to a (femalr)friend of him about he misses her and she should come in her dreams and all dat I cant understand how to come out of this feeling,im not able to tell him or ask him coz i love and respect him alot so i cant even share it with anybody also Men or women need to just know that....they wouldn't like it done to them.....don't do it either.. I guess to each his own but I think it's very disrespectful and wrong to do. I have learned that I am a better woman and I don't and shouldn't have to sneak around and look at his phone. I know mine boyfriend loves me very much but it's always that thought in the back of my mind.

you won't like the answer,which i think you already controls your money? no thats why he does what he matter what it is he is a decision and stick with it. Basically, although this sort of behavior can be very hurtful, as long as the "sexting" doesn't turn into cheating, it is pretty harmless. Very sad that some need this reassurance to make themselves feel good.


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