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' Frazier showed Henson a pre-recorded special message from her Howard and creator and executive producer Lee Daniels.The actress was flattered when Daniels proclaimed her a "force of nature," but took offense when Howard joked that she “owed him” for her role in the pair’s first project together, 2005’s ."I wouldn’t owe Terrence anything, seeing as I’m the reason why he got [the role of] Lucious," Henson fired back with a smirk.

Andre and Anika were celebrating with fellow actors, Lauren Whitney Johnson and Cedric Sanders who were tying the knot.

Well, giving the fact that Andre's 'white wife' is now a killer, it would be great he found someone new.

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"Imagine you being tucked away for 17 years, no internet, no kind of means to the outside world.

Then you come out and there’s cell phones...we’re almost The Jetsons!