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Among those 75 and older who do, 46 percent of the men and 41 percent of the women said they were sexually active. So contrary to the news report, the average person's sex life end at 70.

Furthermore, the study dealt only with partner sex.

If we include solo sex, then the proportion of sexually active elderly undoubtedly increases considerably.

Several studies suggest that in older adults, masturbation is common. The news media generally ignore sex in older adults. Aging changes it, gradually eliminating penis-vagina intercourse.

After 50, especially after 60, these changes intensify.

In women, the vaginal lining thins (vaginal atrophy), which may add to discomfort during penetrative play, even with a lubricant, and partner loss often limits sexual possibilities. Finally, medication use becomes more prevalent, with interactions among multiple medications often aggravating sexual side effects.

Even those prepared for age-related sexual changes typically find them disconcerting. Physicians and the news media either ignore sex in the second half of life, or spread misinformation (the Bloomberg report).


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