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He's often egocentric OR outrageously over-clingy giving you the world for one night, and not even texting afterward.

The relationship guy: He shows lots of genuine interest in you — and I don't mean 50 questions about your body parts. He wants sex, but he's willing to wait, so set “goals” (kissing on x date, etc.), and don't back down. They can tell you one thing, while wanting something else. The more time you spend, the better you know their character and whether they are really into you. If you enforce limits, such as you can't kiss until x dates, etc; and they are okay with that, usually they want something real. I recently ran into this guy I had a crush on throughout high school and I was hell bent on not turning it into a boring, easy hookup.

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He takes you on real dates and offers to pay the first few times. But I figured that's all he wanted, so I started playing stupid games like that's all I wanted too!

After four months of hiding our feelings and dumbing-down our relationship, we finally had an honest conversation about our intentions and both wanted something substantial!

Your question is interesting because when one of my friends is talking to a girl, I know his goals instantly.

The easiest way for a girl to know is to ask personal questions.

You won't get a lot of his attention, nor will he demand much of yours.