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On July 23rd 1957, The Irish Times published the following concise and courteous letter: ‘Sir, As the Georgian Society seems to have lapsed, has anyone any objection to my restarting it?Our aims are to bring the photographic records up to date, publish further volumes of the Georgian Society’s books, and fight for the preservation of what is left of Georgian architecture in Ireland. Desmond Guinness, Carton, Maynooth, Co Kildare.’ Desmond and Mariga Guinness were spurred into action by an incident attesting to the vulnerability of Ireland’s 18th century architectural heritage.

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The same month Desmond Guinness’s letter appeared in The Irish Times, two superb houses on Kildare Place - only a matter of yards from the Dail - were demolished on the authorisation of the Government which owned both buildings.

Both buildings were in excellent condition and there was absolutely no reason for their destruction other than a disinclination on the part of the State to maintain them.

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Today there is a far greater appreciation of our architectural heritage than was formerly the case, just as the value of this heritage in encouraging tourism is now widely understood. Desmond Guinness wrote in the Irish Georgian Society’s Spring 1960 Bulletin, ‘We are the only country in Europe that has not yet developed its architecture as a tourist asset.’ Right from the start, the Society argued that the nation’s Georgian buildings should be cherished not merely for their inherent beauty but as a valuable asset in the business of attracting visitors to Ireland.