Insufficient key column information for updating and refreshing

The information in the Fault Analyzer User's Guide and Reference is incorrect - the CFA transaction can be used to turn off (and back on, if so desired) IDITRACE, regardless of whether //IDITRACE DD is specified in the CICS JCL or not.

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However, due to TCBFX set on, this did not perform as expected.

The particular IDIS PC call will be conditioned on TCBFX not being set.

The reason being that the abending task owned the SYSZRAC2 resource, while the IDIS subsystem waited for shared access before it could process the request.

The code already handles potential hang conditions during this particular PC call.

Fault Analyzer for z/OS now determines if an x37 abend has occurred while writing the $$INDEX file, and if the history file is a PDSE and auto space managed, space is freed by deleting the oldest fault entry from the history file to provide sufficient space for the $$INDEX file.


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