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About four months ago, I reconnected with a college boyfriend on the Internet, and we began talking over the phone.

Although we currently live 400 miles apart, I will be moving back home, near where he lives, in about six months to be with my family.

Finally, you let him visit you and you have an amazing, memorable, erotic weekend together. He got what he wanted, and maybe, just maybe he’ll call you again the next time he’s in town.

Yet, I do not want those emotions to cloud my reasoning or judgment. And Laurie, I’m afraid I don’t have good news for you. It’s sort of like being the out-of-town girl, except, well, you never actually see each other, you just make noises on the phone.

If you don’t recall or are too lazy to click on the above link, this is the definition of the out-of-town girl: If you’re an out of town girl, you have a guy who lives at least two hours away who has been sweet talking you for weeks or months. No more cute text messages to say he’s thinking of you.