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HOT was incorporated in the immediate aftermath, August 2010, as a U. nonprofit and became a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization in 2013.Anyone is welcome to contribute to the HOT mission via our Tasking Manager. When you join, we ask only that you try to uphold the code of conduct of our voting members. Open Street Map being used by search & rescue teams after the Haiti earthquake.We are working on bringing the same method of suggesting ideas, product improvements, and feature requests to all of our other products.

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See the section below that applies to your product area of interest.

For UTM and Mobile feature requests (including our free UTM software and Mobile apps) you can vote for other users’ ideas, or suggest new ones.

The community responded rapidly, creating the best map resources available.

Our 2016 Request for Funding Application is now available via the button below.

You can either fill out the form on the page or download the application.


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