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On a more detailed level, geochronology can help focus exploration strategies by: Directly dating mineralisation can be difficult because the nature of the mineralising event itself can disrupt how parent and daughter elements are retained in minerals, making subsequent analysis unreliable.A growing number of specialist techniques can be applied in certain situations, but most geochronology remains focused on supporting our basic understanding of geological history.

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Australia is an old continent and the age of much of its geology predates fossil evidence and must be dated by radiometric geochronology methods which provide absolute ages of Earth materials using radioactive decay.

Often, the most basic knowledge required for resource exploration is the age of rocks in a given area, regardless of whether the resource is mineral, petroleum or geothermal.

The rock ages provide information about how the rocks are related and what geological events of which they may have been part.

Over time that parent element will decay to a stable daughter element, such as lead, which ideally will be locked inside the mineral.

By measuring the amount of the parent and daughter elements in a sample and applying the known rate of decay for that radioactive parent, the age at which the mineral formed can be calculated.


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