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I am a happy and fulfilled lady who has been widowed now for the last fifeteen years.

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They are the square, wavy, tasty, 100% whole grain-y snack that take afternoon snacking from ho hum to oh yeah.

Every company ( that doesn't use a standard dating code) has their own code.

Our Original flavor made waves back in the day, and it’s still everyone’s favorite whole grain chip. ” Is what you’ll say after eating this real veggie and whole grain snack seasoned with the creamy flavor of farmhouse ranch. They are a snack that you feel good about sharing, but secretly wish you had all to yourself. They are 100% whole grain with flavors inspired by fresh, real ingredients. Unfortunately, we can't accept any unsolicited ideas because we don't want there to be any misunderstandings about ownership of a flavor idea. A: We love to hear what you love--or don't--about SUNCHIPS® snacks.

the bag only contains a month and a day NOT the YEAR.

And can you tell me why the year is hidden in the code? there are 6 answers at this point and everyone has failed to even come close to answering the question. I am NOT asking for anyone's opinion as to whether or not I should eat the doritos.