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About 29 petabytes (about 29 million GB) of information are transferred monthly.

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As artificial-intelligence expert Azeem Azhar told Business Insider, Microsoft’s Technology and Research and Bing teams, who are behind Tay, should have put some filters on her from the start.

That way, she could refuse to respond to certain words (like “Holocaust” or “genocide”), or respond with a canned comment like “I don’t know anything about that.” She also should have been prevented from repeating comments, which seems to have been what caused some of the trouble. The behavior Tay reacted to—and the reactions she gave—should surprise nobody at Microsoft.

I responded to a tweet from Meerkat founder Ben Rubin—he was asking Tay to summarize the Wikipedia entry for “inflection point”—telling him I doubted she could handle the task since she’d already failed to tell me if she preferred Katy Perry’s music to Taylor Swift’s.

Tay responded to us both by saying, “taylor swift rapes us daily.” Ouch.

The idea was that by chatting with her you’d help her learn, while having some fun and aiding her creators in their AI research. She quickly racked up over 50,000 Twitter followers who could send her direct messages or tweet at her, and she’s sent out over 96,000 tweets so far.


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