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It’s the same, standard fake, make no mistake about it.

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Moreover, it is no coincidence that he is wearing clothing adorned with an image of the US flag.

It is no surprise that as a last hurrah Obama would leverage his compliant homosexual community.

In the above photo the two men appear to be holding up a poorly dressed dummy. That does appear to be a pair of pants with no human inside. There are no injuries that could account for the red matter.

Moreover, there is no way a person with gunshot woulds would be standing about upright, and there would be a pattern to such wounds: entrance and exit lesions.

It is one last, supercilious attempt at ‘gun control.’ The damage to the ‘nightclub’ is also fake, fully staged, which is clearly evident from the following image: It is an obvious fabrication; anyone can see that this is staged, Hollywood-style fabricated damage.