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This is configured by specifying the following options: Options given in the domain specific configuration file will override those in the primary configuration file for the specified domain only.

Domains without a specific configuration file will continue to use the options from the primary configuration file.

Keystone also supports the ability to store the domain-specific configuration options in the keystone SQL database, managed via the Identity API, as opposed to using domain-specific configuration files.

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One of the most impactful decisions you’ll have to make when configuring keystone is deciding how you want keystone to source your identity data.

For example, you can store Open Stack service users and their passwords in SQL, manage customers in LDAP, and authenticate employees via SAML federation.

Keystone supports the option (disabled by default) to specify identity driver configurations on a domain by domain basis, allowing, for example, a specific domain to have its own LDAP or SQL server.

), possibly a separate logging configuration file, and initializing data into keystone using the command line client.

By default, keystone starts a service on IANA-assigned port 35357.