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As a developer, you can control any HTML markup that the control outputs, without being bound to any predefined schema such as a form or a grid view. NET, the List View is designed to leverage an external component for paging and sorting.

This component is the Data Pager control added in ASP. The List View is currently the only control aware of the data pager standard interface.

Add(1, "AAA-111", "Toyota", "Hatchback", "Matti"); cars Table. Add(2, "BBB-222", "Mercedes-Benz", "Van", "Keijo"); cars Table. Add(3, "CCC-333", "Renault", "Regular", "Matilda"); cars Table.

The output of the List View control can be styled at leisure but only using CSS style sheets directly on HTML elements and without the intermediation of ASP. As mentioned, the List View control doesn’t force you to stick to a predefined layout – be it tabular, grid, multi-column.

Data; public partial class _Default : Page { Data Table cars Table = new Data Table("cars"); protected void Page_Load(object sender, Event Args e) { if (!