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I left a college hometown, where 95% of kids never leave, to try and branch out and really get the most out of the college experience. There isn't much else that I would really say.

A better fit for your “list.” A more “suitable” partner.

No matter what you call him or her, or the general idea, that “perfect fit” keeps you looking, searching and living anywhere but in the present moment and in your present relationship.

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FOMO lends itself to never going on that fourth date, prolonging the relationship status convo for months and months to make sure there is no one better out there, or jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire as soon as things become less than easy or comfortable. And then give that potential relationship a chance to grow without fearing that you are missing out on finding the next best person.

Some might say this is simply a case of your relationship skills getting honed, and you will realize that there is a better match out there for you when you are ready for it. I’m here to say that I think it has more to do with the bewildering plethora of typically superficial online dating sites, social mixers, matchmaking events, etc., surrounding us at all times.

The next special him or her is a just a swipe away.

You know, that fictional better person who’s bound to come along if you keep swiping, liking and winking.

If you’re just joining us, we’re taking a year-long look at the role fear plays in dating and establishing and maintaining relationships.


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