Dating first year medical resident

The pair then drove an hour to the coast, where they made stilted conversation among the sand, rocks and waves for several hours before traveling back together. Homertgen learned from that experience—his subsequent dates were shorter and more casual. Physicians are known as a sought-after group in the dating world, and why wouldn’t they be?

A year ago, he made an exception to this rule and agreed to meet a woman for dinner. They have strong earning potential, intellect and a noble profession. In fact, physician, nurse or other health professional was ranked the No.

When he learned that she had never been to the Oregon coast, Dr. “Everyone knows that on a first date, you meet for coffee or something, so if you’re not into it, you can get out of there in 20 minutes,” says Dr.

Dating first year medical resident

Homertgen, DO, tried online dating after he realized long workdays and small-town living were not conducive to everyday run-ins with other professional singles.

He was intrigued by one of the first women he corresponded with on, a botanist who shared his love for animals.

“I probably experienced a lot more interest on because I was a physician,” Dr. “It was obviously in my favor.” However, he quickly adds that more people may be interested in the idea of dating a physician than the reality. “It’s not a typical 9-to-5 job, which can be frustrating for some.

People are initially interested, but when they see how busy their partner is, it might get kind of old.” Jonathan J.

“I had to stereotypically wear a pager and excuse myself a few times during the date to answer calls,” he says.


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