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One funny thing that happened on my first date with Badminton guy is that we ran into the very same badminton-loving friend of mine, who lived in Baker at the time, on the street while we were going to Sweet Action to get some hipster ice cream.

She was carrying a stack of books, one with the title “Teen Relationship Violence” or something dramatic like that and a picture of a girl with a black eye on the cover. D., but she joked that it was her way of setting boundaries with random passersby in the street.

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A while back, I went on two Tinder dates on one day. The first one was a little more mundane, at least on the first date. But she doesn’t really want to go out with him, for reasons that will be explained shortly.

Because he told me on our second date that he used to be a high level collegiate badminton player in India and almost went pro. And a friend of mine who has her own badminton net and no one to play with her always says she should go out with him so he will play badminton with her.

Which cracked us up because we work in mental health.

Badminton guy was not a therapist and not a native English speaker, so he did not get the joke and just said something about how people will think she is so studious with those books. Especially in contrast to the fact that immediately afterwards, I went on a date with that guy who showed up like 2 hours late and did a tongue-filled attack-makeout in the Lyft I begrudgingly shared with him.

Because he very specifically wanted to pick me up rather than meeting somewhere.


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