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v=m Kb_IATc E6U Once, I was bored and chatting on chat roulette, and a guy, that only showed himself from his chest to bottom, asked me to see my pussy after some fake sexy chat x D I was like: "uhh, what should I do?

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Stranger: And i listen to animal collective You: We’re all brothers in Chat Roulette! And it doesn’t matter: you might not even get to see it for long enough to tell. Every intimacy, every wake and bake, every thirty seconds of voyeurism, is lost forever as soon as the next button gets hit.

I’m looking for some lady rabbits – seen any around? Within minutes, you get weirdos, unsolicited dick shots, robots, spam.

Instead, the ambiguity is pumped up, made the organizing principle, and all of our imagined internet fears brought to the surface.

Chat Roulette does not quell this anxiety by showing you exactly who you’re getting involved with and killing the ambiguity.

It showcases the freakish and the feckless: drunk frat boys do bong hits, headless half-men masturbate, self-proclaimed emos compare their asymmetrical haircuts, concerned parents probe, and snuff-video wannabees get off on shocking new users. It’s human interaction reduced to schizo speed dating. Here’s a guide for beginners, and more of the same for the Chat Roulette set.1. Peculiar Creatures You: Please don’t peel those bananas Stranger: Boobs plz3. Stranger: just some girlz hanging outf You: like a sleepover? Chat Roulette debunks the myth that you know who you’re talking to even when you’re looking at them.