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The criminal charges range from misdemeanors to felonies in the State of California and the penalties are quite severe.

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I contacted Attorney Jimmy Cha with the hopes that he would be able to guide me through the felony expungement and Certificate of Rehabilitation process.

He impressed me when he took on my case in such short notice that was given to him.

I was very nervous about a potential criminal case, but Mr. I highly recommend Jimmy Cha to anyone who needs a criminal defense attorney and sincerely appreciate all that he has done for me. Whether you are a “John” (customer) or a provider (escort), California law makes it illegal to solicit, pander, loiter or engage in the act of prostitution.

It’s an impossible question to answer, given that North Korea is a totalitarian state where professing anything other than wholehearted adulation for the Kim regime could land a person in a political prison camp — or worse.

For years, researchers in Seoul have been trying to collect data on North Korean thought by conducting surveys of people who have escaped from the police state and made it to safety in South Korea.


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