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"The Pope has shown the way to finally overcome this humiliating conduct."I am a supporter of S. (Lionsgate Films), produced by CNN's Amy Berg, proved these well-known accusations and showed documented courtroom proof beyond any reasonable doubt, on how the Vatican and U. visit in April avoided both Cardinal Mahoney in California, and the Diocese of Boston (both hotbeds of clergy sex abuse).S top cardinals such as Mahoney fight and mislead all involved, including law enforcement, victims, their families, and parishioners. The Pope had the good PR sense to avoid both of them.These victims, both SNAP members and Voice of the Faithful (VOTF), had demanded a meeting. The media had a field day and covered it extensively. The Pope finally agreed to meet the victims after pressure from within the Vatican.


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Pope Benedict was quoted that during the 10-day visit to Australia he would work for "healing and reconciliation with the victims" of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy there "just as I did in the United States" earlier this year.

Pope Benedict's much-heralded meeting with the victims of clerical sex abuse during his April visit to the US was not his idea.

The meeting was forced upon the Pope by the victims.