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Except that the Google Trends for the keywords “attract women” and “pickup women” show an even lower level of interest.Clearly the world of dating advice isn’t what it used to be, especially in the men’s dating advice arena.Brent Smith breaks down how to stop competing with other men for women.

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Without a doubt, part of the problem lies with the overwhelming glut of dating advice freely available to anyone with the time and patience to consume it.

Add that to the incessant daily grind of information everyone must process on a daily basis and its a wonder anyone can even think straight, much less look for reliable dating advice. Take another look at the Google graphic with one more keyword phrase added.

But certain dating coaches like Stephen Nash, positioned themselves ahead of the curve almost from the beginning.

Although Stephen was an original Project Hollywood pickup artist known as Playboy and featured in Neil Strauss’s blockbuster book called, The Game, along with Mystery (Erik Von Markovik) and Style (Neil Strauss), he very quickly bucked the system and put his teaching focus on how to get a girlfriend.

Here’s an interesting little graphic from Google Trends showing the steady decline of interest in the topic of dating advice from its high point trending score of 100 in February of 2004 to the pathetically dismal trending score of 18 in September of 2015. Could this be the end of dating, sex and relationship advice as we know it?


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