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They don't finish what they start; they don't live what they dream; they sabotage their own progress because they're afraid they won't find what they seek.” ― Neil Strauss, “In fact, every woman I met seemed disposable and replaceable.

I was experiencing seducer's paradox: The better a seducer I became, the less I loved women.

And since there's no gene for coolness or confidence, then being uncool and unconfident are just bad habits, which can be changed with enough guidance and will power.” ― Neil Strauss, “You know what else I did?

I speak to Rebecca*, who admits that she fell for negging when it was used on her in a bar.

And it has been the role of parents and friends, outside of some minor tweaking, to reinforce the belief that we're okay just as we are. It doesn't hurt at all anymore because why should someone who's a complete stranger have any control over your sense of selfworth?