Ask guy your dating your boyfriend

Let him know what you're looking for without putting pressure on the situation. Give him a little space and don't try to be part of every single thing he does.

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Plus, sometimes taking things slow lets things just happen as they're supposed to.

Make sure you're going out in public together, where you can get to know each other - do things like going to dinner, the movies, hanging out with groups of friends, whatever. If you only hook up, that's all it's ever going to be about.

Source: Shutter Stock I get a lot of questions from you girls wondering if you should try to make your guy jealous to make him want to date you.

You don't want to force anything if it's too soon, because that could mess everything up.

Source: Shutter Stock At the same time though, you don't want to too long to talk about making things official - if you two get into a long pattern of just hooking up and keeping things casual, it may be difficult to change things. Source: Shutter Stock If you're serious about this guy, there's no reason to play games.