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If linguistic (or ethnic), then the difference between Germans and Scandinavians (Danes, Swedes) would be the difference between West Germanic languages and North Germanic languages.When and how the split between the two happened is anyone's guess, except that it must have happened before the onset of history (around 800).If you are talking about politics, then Germans didn't exist until there was a German country, which didn't happen until around 1500 -- that's when the Holy Roman Empire started to be considered a German affair.

Some argue that international emargo on South Africa helped end apartheid (also see: [1]).

--Chl , 1 April 2006 (UTC) Halloa friends, i'm looking for some examples of succesful forms of economic warfare in which the US has been involved that can be interpreted to have some measue of succes.

It is of course a matter of debate if economic sanctions can at all accomplish anything, and of course, what is considered to be a succesful outcome of any such measures.

So that would mean Germans are different from Scandinavians only by the land their feet touch?

London , 1 April 2006 (UTC) Well, I suppose they became different once they'd separated off.


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