Arhan behl dating

I wanted to change my look, but they could only change my clothes. I hosted one season of Fear Factor and now we are coming up with another one soon.

When I think it’s the right time, I will get married. I have been offered films, but I didn’t choose that ‘coz nothing creatively inspired me.

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Extremely fond of world cinema, the actor is known for his constant devotion and meticulousness.

It’s nice that people still connect and recall the character. I had played Krishna for three years; now I want to do something new. This is something completely in contrast to my previous role. Which character was easier to do – Krishna or Raghu?

It’s a very nice show and my character Raghu is something I can relate to. I think both the characters have their own level of difficulty. There is a certain amount of research that goes into it. I sat with the makers and discussed my character at great length. My intention is to make sure that the character is portrayed perfectly. We shot in the desert among camels, which was a great experience.

Is there any similarity between your character and Salman Khan’s in . In fact, after , the kind of offers I got were very similar to Krishna.

I look at the scope of performance in any role I take up.