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Tablets and phones have replaced the TV as a way of pacifying children and keeping them entertained - recent figures, for example, have revealed that one in three toddlers use a gadget before they can even talk.

Tablets and phones have replaced the TV as a way of keeping children entertained, yet these devices could be damaging to a child's health potentially leading to technology addiction.

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Psychiatrist Dr Richard Graham has told Mail Online how technology addiction can affect a child's behaviour, and the importance of 'digital detox' 'When people feel an uncomfortable sense of withdrawal when not online, we know that the relationship with technology is not being managed properly,' said Dr Graham from the Capio Nightingale Hospital, a mental health hospital based in central London.'Yet when electronic devices start to have more influence over behaviour than anyone else or anything else, when children become very distressed when technology is removed from them, that is the moment when really you need to start changing things,' continued Dr Graham.


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