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Fortunately, there is some emerging data to back this up: Also, not that all young women are in the mold of Karen “F-list” Owen, but there is data to show that women can be as active in enjoying sex and delaying commitment as men are. Armstrong and Laura Hamilton found this to be true.

Most of them had backgrounds similar to mine: they stayed inexperienced with women into their 20s or beyond, which left them frustrated and unprepared for a real relationship.

They, like me, were exposed to the same kind of rock-star playboy hype that was rampant in “The Game” and on the websites of countless PUA gurus.

It’s our hookup culture, too.” If anything, we need more young guys gaining sexual experience so they can be prepared for relationships sooner.

England’s college survey supports the theory that most of the sex is being had by about 20 percent of the students.