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And not just in a “He doesn’t like diner food” sort of way. — there are congested areas in every single state and we seriously doubt you drove across the state in bumper to bumper traffic.

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And if you’re lucky, you’ll circle the parking lot 16 times while trying to find a spot before going in. But before shitting on Bruce, ask us if like him first. And in the quiet cars (which we have because we are people of grace and dignity) you actually stay quiet.

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A few juiced up idiots on TV aren’t going to take away the fact that our beaches are top-rated and actually beautiful (and clean).

New Jersey has 700 beaches along the Atlantic, so when you say “The Jersey Shore,” know that there are a bunch of awesome beaches and you will be visiting them. Whether they’re from the burbs or the city, there’s something about Jersey living that pushes someone to be stronger and less forgiving than ladies from other states.